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Want justice, peace and planetary survival?

Then let's protect our activists!

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Fostering a climate where activists are understood, valued and protected.

  • everyday life in the belly of the Beast
  • our emotional landscape
  • building the new world in the jaws of the old
  • the tension, risk, joy, unity, division, frustration, friendship, triumph,  and pain we face
  • how we step up and back on the continuum of activism, and…

How undertaking activism–the fight to make a society of justice, peace, compassion, and rights for all–affects …


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A few stories and burning questions from JB

Work with Protect Our Activists

Protect Our Activists seeks experienced and committed freelance help in:

  • Promotion
  • Event planning and organizing
  • Organizational Development

Activist culture and the experience of participating in movements for a just world.

Protecting the activist community struggling to protect the world. 

Juliana Barnet’s novels featuring folks engaged in social change, including social justice mysteries and collective novels written with children.

Stories of our People (SOOP) workshops for all ages where we combine activist experience stories in the SOOP pot and collectively create truthful fiction about people making social change.

Juliana Barnet (aka JB), activist, writer, anthropologist, musician…is creating this site to explore the activist experience on the reality|fiction continuum. Her quest  follows the hypothesis that the more we understand our indispensable activist community, the better we can protect it. JB looks at her own experience (including the experience of making this site) and that of the worldwide activist community, as a participant-observer and with participatory research.

JB’s Quest companions: Granny Gus seeks out inspiring stories, Detective Drunella looks for truth behind and underneath, and Sour Puss pokes into conflicts and emotional tangles.

Participant-observer reflections on making movement music.

Life in liberated zones— spaces carved out in the midst of social movements to create the new world now.

Juliana Barnet’s Rainwood House social justice mystery series and the genre of fiction featuring activists.

The Neighborhood Novelists collective novel-writing program with children, and the collective novels Zombie Elementary and the Imagination Club, by elementary school children, with Juliana Barnet.

Tensions and conflicts of battling the Beast while living in its dangerous, deceptive and distracting belly.

Full, fair, non-stereotyped portrayals of activists.

Juliana’s (JB’s) quest to explore the delights, dilemmas and dangers of the activist experience.

Preorder Rainwood House Sings

RAINWOOD HOUSE SINGS, a social justice mystery for youth and adults, paints a truthful (with a touch or two of magic)  picture of activists taking on gentrification, police violence, worker rights and cultural divisions, tackling mysteries large and small with creativity, humor and collective action.

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