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Writings about activist life and community: activist emotional landscape, everyday activist life in the belly of the Beast, how activists face risks and dangers…and more

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Participant-observer writings on activist culture and the experience of being an activist
Creating a climate where activists are understood, valued and protected.
Juliana Barnet’s novels featuring folks engaged in social change, including social justice mysteries and collective novels written with children
Stories of our People (SOOP): Programs for writing and analyzing Fiction Featuring Activists
Glimpses of Life in the Liberated Zone–in the spaces we carve out in the midst of struggles to begin living the new world now
Writing and analyzing fiction featuring activists, in pursuit of full and fair portrayals of activists


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RAINWOOD HOUSE SINGS, a social justice mystery for youth and adults, paints a truthful (with a touch or two of magic)  picture of activists taking on gentrification, police violence, worker rights and cultural divisions, tackling mysteries large and small with creativity, humor and collective action.

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