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This site is about protecting, safeguarding, lifting up and caring for the activist community and activist culture, sharing participant-observations, writing, art, analysis and stories on the reality-fiction continuum.

Participate by contributing to the SOOP pot: stories, anecdotes, experiences, reflections on any of the topics we cover in JB’s or any other topic of activist culture. Click on the SOOP pot below to go to the story collector.

Below are projects for on-the-ground real life participation, as always, on the reality-fiction continuum.

Activist Culture

Participatory and Action Research

Collective Conversation on Caring for our Community
JB’s Journal:
Life in a Liberated Zone: How the communities at Standing Rock sustained the Water Protector struggle
Activist Experience: Activist daily life and work on the US-Mexico Border
Activist Culture Theory: thinking together about the nature of activist culture, community and experience
Battles in the Belly of the Beast: Souring our colonized minds
The Reality-Fiction Continuum…

Fiction Featuring Activists

Collectively Creating and Reviewing

Stories of our People: throw a story from your activist experience into the SOOP pot as an ingredient for fiction featuring activists!
Fiction Featuring Activists Writing/Reading Circle
Activist Stereotype Unmasker: testing Fiction for Full and Fair depiction of Activists, and for subtle stereotypes
FFA participatory recommendations lists
Rainwood House Social Justice Mystery Series: research and writing on gentrification, sanctuary, union women, historical haunting and much more
Neighborhood Novelists: collective fiction writing at the US-Mexico Border